Software and Systems Engineering

Software engineering is a wide subject and frankly it makes for a poor job title unless it is coming out of a huge organization. The thing is we work with some large organizations with diverse problems. We're about as likely to encounter a mutual trust problem as a distributed state management problem. We talk API design all the time, and geek out on new tech all over "the stack." We work hard to develop familiarity with a broad range of technologies, and dive deep when the opportunity arises. For all of these reasons we prefer to hire for tech skills and experience that augment our team. 

What you might work on:

  • TPS optimized network microservices
  • Stream processors and distributed state management
  • Service orchestration and processing workflows
  • Web application prototypes and reviews
  • TPM/HSM integration and applied cryptography

If you're interested in learning and growing as much as teaching tech and engineering please reach out.

System Automation and Administration

At Topple we believe the best of reasons to have your hands on a keyboard is to keep hands off of keyboards. We love open source tooling, but recognize that it moves fast and can be a liability for our clients. All of our engineers tackle automation in one-way or another, but we've found that some people just love using tools more than building them from the ground up. 

We're strong advocates for cloud technologies, disposable infrastructure patterns, and rich automation tooling. We love declarative provisioning systems and isolating state.

If you've got a solid background knowledge of computer networking, applied cryptography, time-series data, and automation tooling like shell scripting, make, Packer, Jenkins, Terraform, Cloud Formation, Ansible, Puppet then we'd love to talk with you.

Project Manager

Ultimately, we're all just cats and we'd never get anything done without a few talented cat herders. But really, no amount of technical prowess will make up for poor communication and disorganized efforts. We're always on the hunt for clear communicators to help keep both internal and client efforts on task.

If you're dripping with patience, measure your diet in terms of velocity, and track your dream KPI enter a new epic below and we'll schedule a standup or burndown a coffee.