A Better Journal about Work

Writing is for everyone, not just aspiring authors, journalists, or content marketers. But many of us struggle with deciding what to write, especially at work. Most writing products serve people who write for work, but often the most important things to write are about work.

Keeping a work journal helps you stay organized, and account for what you’ve gotten done. It helps you learn from problems, spot trends, and show professional growth. Make preparing for reviews an effective, but quick formality. Don’t change the way you work, change how you keep track of it. Timeline is your journal about work.

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A screenshot of the app showing several entries and a new entry that the author has partially completed.

Timeline is different from a personal journal.

The things you care about at home and in your personal life are different from those at work. So why would you use a personal journal app for work?

Timeline uses work-oriented writing prompts and tailored tags so you don't have to do extra work just to stay organized. And Timeline keeps entries in strict reverse-chronological order so that the things you're working on now are always easy to find.

Focused on helping you stay organized at work


Focus on what you’re doing, and leave the journal to Timeline.

  • Timeline Discipline prompts you for missing entries and provides starter prompts for new entries.
  • Timeline keeps opinionated tags to make it easy to stay organized and focused on the kind of entries that are important for work.
  • Reminders make educated guesses about when you’re switching tasks or might have something to log and nudges you with a gentle prompt.


Make reviews an effective, but quick formality.

  • Timeline keeps your entries organized naturally in reverse-chronological order so it is easy to figure out what happened relative to other events, or pull selections of work in specific timeframes.
  • When you know what you’re looking for, but having a difficult time finding it then Search can help you narrow it down.
  • Publish selections to PDF to share in reviews or resumes, or send them online to WordPress or Medium.


Don’t change the way you work, change how you keep track of it.

  • Timeline has apps for the platforms where you work (today: Browser; coming soon to Mobile, Email, SMS, and Watch).
  • Timeline uses real-time synchronization between connected apps and devices.
  • Trigger other workplace automation with integration for services like IFTTT and Zapier.

Delivers important basics

  • Your journal is safe and confidential.
  • You own your journal. Your employer has no right to read anything beyond what you share.
  • A beautiful clean writing space designed for small screen that scales up for more immersive writing on a computer.
  • Several entry publishing options.

Keeping a journal is different from collecting ad hoc notes or messages

Notes, email, and chat apps feel like a good place to keep your records, but only because you already use them to write. A journal keeps you organized in a way that those apps can't.

Notes force you to come up with some folder tree or tags that take extra effort to maintain. Conversation tools like email and chat are all about short-form communication between people. They suffer the same organization issues and create, "wrong window" risk.

Timelines are better for journals. They help relate events without extra effort.

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